Studio Rates

Recording- and Mixing Services

40 eur/hr *)
280 eur/day (max. about 8 hr + breaks)

For a larger project, contact us for a quote!

*) minimum charge 100 eur

Recording And Mixing (without staff engineer)

20 eur/hr *)
Lockout (=exclusive access to studio) 160 eur/day (24 h)

Internet Services

E-recording 150 eur/part
E-mixing 150 eur/song

Prices are valid for a standard 3-5 minute pop-, rock- or such tune.
For more demanding or very simple projects, please contact us for a quote!

Please note we have highly skilled musicians with great sense of style in our roster, including drummers, bass players, keyboardists, guitarists, etc. Ask!

All prices are inclusive of the Finnish value-added tax 24 %*

All rights reserved. Always confirm the correct price when booking!

*Applicable only to customers within the EU VAT area

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