Music Production

We compose, arrange and orchastrate music mainly for video games, film, multimedia and theater, but also for artists in need of such services in a wide variety of genres and styles.

As for video game and film music the emphasis is on works created for symphony orchestra, but when needed we can also electronic music or music performed with traditional instruments. The great majority of our compositions are done by award-winning and internationally acclaimed musician Jonne Valtonen.

We are very proud of our work and we hold very important that the music we create is of best quality, both artistically and techinically, and also suited for its purpose. Romantic strings for your love scene? Need wild drums for the African leg of your racing video game? You got it! We have and will gone to great lengths to find the right performers for the music, and we are not afraid to turn the switches and knobs of our world-class studio equipment upside down should it give the best possible experience for the listener!

Sound Design

We can also create the sound effects and ambience for different kinds of needs.

Recording Studio

Our atmospheric recording studio is located in a charming old factory building near the center of Turku, Finland, and is available for renting for any recording and/or mixing needs you may have. Along the years, the studio has been used by many artists from hardcore metal to dance and hip hop to world music and everything around and in-between.

The studio is very up-to-date with its ProTools HDX system, 5.1 monitoring and a big bunch of plugins and boutique gear from world-known manufacturers such as Neve, Lavry, Chandler, Lexicon, Focusrite, etc. The microphone closet also has just about every sound covered. The last time I checked, we get to choose from close to 10 different mics for just the kick drum!

With two different sized live rooms and a cozy loung area you are sure to have a nice time to record at our facility!

Other services

We can also take of CD replication affordably, and even the layout design for the CD covor! Get in touch for more information!

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